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Jiggery-Pokery (2:56)
Was that really what Squallhoots thought about Throps? Was that really what Throps thought Squallhoots did? It was all just jiggery-pokery! Nothing but jiggery-pokery!
A very happy Throp
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(English Only)

This translated song does not rhyme and it is not meant to be sung. This translation is only provided to tell you what the song is saying.

You can say what you want...
You can say what you think...
You can say what you're planning to do,
But don't you tell me anything but anything that's true.
You can chat me up...
You can send me down
The road without a kazoo.
I'll take it with a grain of salt - a pinch of cinnamon too.

'Cause it's just...
Jiggery-pokery pokery-jiggery jiggery-pokery doo!
It's just a bunch of silly tales that I'm a-listening to.
Oh jiggery-pokery pokery-jiggery jiggery-pokery doo!
Don't you tell me anything but anything that's true.

You can stand me up...
You can sit me down...
And turn me all around.
Spin my head and turn my crank and mail me out of town.
You can tell me all your stories...
You can make your funny sounds,
But if you turn the truth around - you're talking upside down.

(Sing the Chorus again)

Jiggery-pokery! That's the rumor I don't want to hear.
Jiggery-pokery! It can turn your laughter into tears.
When you turn the truth around - I'm gonna close my ears
'Cause jiggery-pokery's mixing up a little bit of fear. Yeah!
Jiggery-pokery! Don't you say a word unless its true.
Jiggery-pokery! Now I'll tell ya what we're gonna do.
If you write it down we'll take the scissors and the glue
And snip the jiggery-pokery out and stick it back on you.

Jiggery-pokery pokery-jiggery jiggery-pokery doo.
It's just a silly tale from you.

You can sing it sharp...
You can sing it flat...
Or sing it 'round the room.
Sing the chorus nice and loud and sing it till you're blue.
But if you sing a story
There's one thing to never do...
Never sing us anything but anything that's true.
That's what you do!

(Sing the Chorus TWO more times)

All Lyrics and Music by L.W.Collingwood.
Copyright 1995 Athropolis Productions Limited.

TRANSLATION MENU STORY Pictures (1) Pictures (2) SONGS