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QUICK PICK: Squallhoot Song - That's What Squallhoots Do
If I Were a Throp - If We Try - Jiggery-Pokery - Ka Me, Ka Thee
From the Story of the Throps and the Squallhoots
The Songs of Athropolis
All Lyrics and Music by L.W.Collingwood.
Copyright 1995 Athropolis Productions Limited.
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The following are AUTOMATED TRANSLATION versions of the words to the Songs. The songs have not been re-written in your language. These translated versions do not rhyme and they are not meant to be sung.
The translations are only intended to tell you what the song is saying. Various language versions of the songs will be written and recorded at a later date.
1. Squallhoot Song (2:20)
The Squallhoots liked to sing, and the scarier the song - all the better to scare those Throps!

2. That's What Squallhoots Do (2:02)
The Throps have heard all sorts of stories about the nasty things that Squalloots do. Nobody has actually seen them do those things, but the rumors must be true! Squallhoots mean TROUBLE IN THE NIGHT!

3. If I Were a Throp (1:55)
The Squallhoots have heard rumors and stories about the Throps - and the stories get more frightening every time they are told. Who'd ever want to be a Throp?

A Squallhoot! 4. If We Try (2:51)
"We can't do it by ourselves. We can only do it if we all work together. We can do it all together if we try!"
5. Jiggery-Pokery (2:56)
Was that really what Squallhoots thought about Throps? Was that really what Throps thought Squallhoots did? It was all just jiggery-pokery! Nothing but jiggery-pokery!
A very happy Throp
6. Ka Me, Ka Thee (3:02)
The Throps and Squallhoots agree to work together - it's the only way to save Athropolis. Ka me, ka thee! I'll help you and you help me!

TRANSLATION MENU STORY Pictures (1) Pictures (2)