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Imagine an ICEBERG
drifting out of control!



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The iceberg is Athropolis - the home of the Throps
and the Squallhoots - and it is melting FAST!

1 - The Shipwreck 1
2 - Here Upon Athropolis 2
3 - Council Day 3
4 - Caverns & Squallhoots 4
5 - The Ice Castle 5
6 - The Big Fight 6
7 - Deep Beneath the Ice 7
8 - The Search 8
9 - The Meeting 9
10 - The Work Begins 10
11 - The Colored Sky 11
When three children are set adrift in the midst of an Arctic storm, their adventures are only just beginning. Soon they land upon an iceberg.

That iceberg is Athropolis.

The Throps, living in the ice castle on the top of Athropolis, have never trusted the Squallhoots.

The Squallhoots, who inhabit the caves and caverns that run deep in the ice, trust the Throps even less.

But now, Athropolis is threatened.

Torn from the icecap, where it had remained undisturbed since the Ice Age, it is drifting south...

and starting to melt...


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