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Mushing 101

Mushing is a common term for a sport or transport method using one or more dogs to pull a sled on snow.

Equipment used includes a dog sled (naturally), harnesses, and tuglines. Depending on the kind of hitch system that is being used, ganglines and necklines may also be used. Click for more information.


Inuit and Greenland hunters often use a fan hitch (right). Each dog is attached to the sled by a separate tugline so that they spread out in a fan shape ahead of the sled. This gives them more room to maneuver around rough ice, water or other obstacles in treeless areas. (Can you imagine going through a forest with this formation?)

Click for more information. THE GANGLINE TEAM

The gangline is a single line to which each dog is attached, usually in pairs, and it keeps the dogs in a tight formation ahead of the sled. This is better for forested areas or narrow trails, and is the typical harness system used in sled dog races such as the Iditarod or Yukon Quest.

Lead Dogs: At the front. Noted for high intelligence and drive (they're often females). There may be a single lead (1 dog) or double lead (2 dogs).
Point or Swing Dogs: The two dogs right behind the Lead Dogs.
Wheel Dogs: Right in front of the sled. Usually the heaviest dogs.
Team Dogs: All other dogs in the team.

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