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Meat on the hoof?!

With people today spending "billions" on the care and feeding of pets, it may be hard to imagine that although early European and American explorers to the Arctic came to recognize sled dogs as an essential method of transportation, the dogs were not often treated with care or compassion.

Sled dogs were considered "meat on the hoof" (or "paw" in this case) - to be used and then killed and eaten as food supplies dwindled. The faithful dogs were often stabbed, as not to waste precious ammunition - the weakest went first, becoming feed for the remaining dogs.

Dr. Frederick Cook carefully planned his trek to the North Pole - he would begin with 26 sled dogs, killing them off along the way to serve as extra food, and keep just 6 for the home stretch.

His rival, Robert Peary, was no better. On one of his excursions, he left with 42 sled dogs and returned with just one, and his march to the Pole left behind a trail of leaky fuel cans, smashed sledges, and the rigid carcasses of frozen dogs.

PICTURE: Well-cared-for dogs of the Arctic Quest Expedition.
Top: Solo and Kermit, Bottom: Bear (our favorite) and Hudson.

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