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Lyrics and Music by L.W.Collingwood. Copyright © 1995 Athropolis Productions Limited.
S q u a l l h o o tx S o n g
S q u a l l h o o tx S o n g
S q u a l l h o o tx S o n g
S q u a l l h o o tx S o n g
S q u a l l h o o tx S o n g
S q u a l l h o o tx S o n g
Have you read
the STORY of
the Squallhoots
(and, oh yeah,
the Throps, too)?
A singing Squallhoot Hear the song!

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The Squallhoots liked to sing...
and the scarier the song -
T h e y xs a n g . . .
We're mean and we're nasty and everyone hates us
And everyone hates us because we're so mean.
Everyone hates us (We've got them running)
So we must be nasty whenever we're seen.

If you're sad then we're glad. (We'll sneak up and grab you!)
We're just as mean as can be! (Yes indeed!)
We make you mad 'cause we're always so bad,
(But nobody's meaner than me!) No sirree!

We're wicked old ogres who hide in your closet.
We're hoodlums and bullies (The best of the pests!)
Oh, it's so easy! We never feel guilty
'Cause we're bigger tyrants than all of the rest.

We sneak under your bed. We hide in the well.
We slither right out of the drain. (Boo!)
We'll creep in your covers. We'll crawl up your sleeve.
(You'd better keep out of my way!)

Oh! I'm just a screamer
'Cause your grass is always greener. (What's grass?)
Your sweets are always sweeter
To a green eyed monster like me!

Huzza! Huzza huzza! Huzza! Huzza huzza!
We're demons and fiends!
Mischief is easy for me.
Huzza! Huzza huzza! Huzza! Huzza huzza!
We're ghoulish and mean!
A little resentment is all that I need.

Huzza! Huzza huzza! Huzza! Huzza huzza!

The End
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