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Sakku School

Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada


Championship Wrestling

 The Team

This is the Team that represented Coral Harbour at the Nunavut Territorials Games in Iqaluit, Nunavut,  in Nov. 2001. 



Front Row - (L-R) Laisa Eetuk, Suzy Mckitrick, Joanne Nakoolak                                   

    Second Row - (L-R) Amanda Ningeocheak, Logan Kadlak, Mimi Kadlak, Silasie Adams, Bruce McKitrick (Coach)

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  Third Row - (L-R) Johnny Eetuk, Terry Nakoolak, Joseph Nakoolak, Joe Shimout, Jimmy Nakoolak,  Abraham Owpaluk, Leonie McKitrick (Coach)
    Fourth Row -  Markoosie Stanley


The Winning Point

This is the point that  won Joseph  Nakoolak the Gold medal at the North American Indigenous Games in  Winnipeg, Canada., 2002. Joe was declared the winner after ninety seconds into a six minute match.

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The Winner

In this picture, Tony Eetuk, in the 63 kg class, is declared the winner of his match at the 2001 Canada Summer Games. He went on to finish 8th over all.

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Team Highlights

In 1997 Coral Harbour had sent 4 wrestlers to NWT Territorials in Kugluktuk.  Tony Eetuk made the Arctic Winter Games team.  Since then, membership has risen to 75 wrestlers. 

In the past 5 years, Coral Harbour wrestlers have wrestled in NB, ON, QC, MB, SK, AB, BC, YK, NT and NU.
Highlights:  A member of Nunavut' s Canada Summer Games team, Tony Eetuk won silver at the Juvenile Nationals in 2001.  That year he was Nunavut 's athlete of the year. Joseph Nakoolak has placed 4th at the Nationals and 5th at three other national tournaments (including the
Canada Games).  He has five
Arctic Winter Games medals (including two gold) and won gold at the North American Indigenous games.  Joseph was Nunavut's athlete of the year for 2000.

Joe Shimout was also a member of Nunavut's Canada Games Team and placed 7th at the Nationals.  He earned a bronze medal at the North American Indigenous games and silver at the Arctic Winter Games.

Coral Harbour's wrestling team has won every Nunavut Territorial championship to date.

Coral Harbour has female wrestling too.  Suzy McKitrick and Amanda Ningeocheak both won gold at the North American Indigenous games.

We are now focusing on some of the younger wrestlers to continue the tradition. 

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